Why We Care Where Grandma Went To Church

Presented by author Sunny Morton
Expand your genealogy knowledge! U.S. church records can reveal ancestors’ vital events, family relationships and prior/subsequent residences (including overseas birthplaces!). Learn what various types of church records look like, how to identify an ancestral church, locate extant records and access them.
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Spiritualism & Mediumship

Join spiritualist Minister and Medium, Rev Jenni Vinecourt for an informative evening to learn more about Spiritualism, Mediumship and how they can enhance your own connection with loved ones and those on the other side of life.  Rev. Jenni is the Pastor of The Church of the Angels in Chesterland.  She will give a short talk and then answer your questions about the topic, and will complete the evening with a public demonstration of mediumship by bringing messages from Spirit to some of those in the audience.  
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